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Automated control systems (Smart house, ACS, industrial control system)

       The Smart house or automated management system — is a complex of the distributed devices united in uniform system which controls the engineering equipment of the house, apartments, buildings. With which in particularly? You define, what you wish to operate and what to supervise. For example, lighting, heating, ventilation, conditioning, power supply, water supply, electric drives, boiler room, pool.


       - management of all heating systems, ventilation and conditioning in an automatic mode. Automatic maintenance and adjustment of the set air temperatures in the various rooms integrated with systems of the Smart house, an energy saving verification regime of temperature depending on presence of people (opening of windows, etc.);

- control of gas leakages, water leakages with possibility of blocking of communications and giving of an emergency signal;

- video surveillance systems, including with remote access, collecting and information processing (hierarchical access (according to the password) to functions and resources, control of operators actions of security posts and other users, graphic and text display of events with a binding to object plans, management, control and synchronization of work of systems of a complex);

- multilevel system of access and control, the security and disturbing alarm system (provide independent remote statement and removal from protection of rooms with alarm signal delivery in case of unauthorized penetration; maintaining the protocol of events in memory of security panels; the 24 hours control of a situation on object, blocking of the actions leading to emergency situations, for the purpose of prevention of unauthorized penetration into protected zones);

- creation of information systems (the structured cable networks, local computer networks, the Internet and a telephony);

- creation high-quality videoconference systems;

- creation of a sound multi zonal distribution systems (Multi Room system);

- creation and design of high level Home Cinema systems including acoustical design, tailor made armchairs, ect;

- creation of high-quality reception of satellite and radio television system;

- creation of dynamic illumination systems of an interior, facades, fountains, landscape elements in an automatic mode. Automatic inclusion and switching off of light sources on a signal of various sensors (the motion sensor, illumination, a sound, time, rising and sunset, depending on district coordinates, etc.);

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